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All our feelings serve to get us to and keep us in the state of high love, which is our ultimate essence. However, the essence of human life is suffering when we identify with our limited personality, thus the dilemma we are faced with.

We can therefore only find lasting peace and love within us, and, from that place of high love, bravely enter the human experience with all its feelings to reach our highest potential making the human experience the most beautiful piece of art possible.

Our quest to alleviate suffering brings out the greatest expansion and thus a rich life experience for us. Read my book Lighten Up To Be Enlightened! that I wrote for our daughter to alleviate her human suffering as much as possible.

"From the very first pages of the book 'Lighten up to be enlightened' I felt like the book was putting in right words for all the mixed thoughts I had. Reading the book made me happy all the time, and I felt inspired and joyful. I will definitely read this book many times! The book gives good advice how to find yourself and your dreams, how to go towards them and how to enjoy life and be happy. It gives you courage to start to change your life and treat yourself in a better way. 'The more we do what is good for us, the more we learn to love the good.' 'When you find the bliss inside you, the pieces of puzzle fall into their places effortlessly.' The book encourages to go towards one’s dreams and gives hope that you will actually reach them!"

Life is a dance of passion.

-Johanna Jääskelä

Read about high love in Finnish here.

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