More than anything I love learning, expanding and transforming to even greater understanding of love, life and human beings, as well as reaching higher states of existence, and that is my wish for you too. So, let me know what has been the biggest learning curve in your life by sending me an e-mail to Here I share with you some of your (with your permission of course) and my greatest life lessons. "The real need of the soul is to transform." This is why I keep asking myself how can I enjoy transformation the best.
"I got very much inspired to read 'Lighten Up To Be Enlightened' after I was introduced to the topic of being enlightened. I picked up the book and finished it in several hours in one go. I found it rich in content, fluent, resonating, comprehensive, entertaining and beautifully written. The book included many thoughts on finding yourself, feeling yourself, being yourself and living the joyful life you deserve. Besides the related questions in the book encouraged me to contemplate on the thoughts. Presenting the book in the form of '50 rules' made it easy for me to go back to any of them anytime and think further."