My first novel "Apsara's Dance" was published in 2012. Next in line was my first self-help book "Lighten Up To Be Enlightened!" that came out in August 2015. "Meal of Love", my short story collection on love, came out in November 2018. You can find them all on Amazon: As you can imagine something new is cooking and I will let you know about it asap. 🙂

I have always been fascinated by love stories and I have always wondered why so few people seem to live them true in their daily lives. I came to the conclusion - also through my personal experience - that fairytales can come true in real life if you want to see your love story through the eyes of a positive romantic. It is not so much about the actual events but about the mind and heart of the interpreter. I aim to feed your soul with words that give you empathy about your humanity and inspiration to get in touch with your divinity. I also continue to develop my own character as I develop the characters in my stories.

I wish you a happily ever after from the world's happiest country!


"Apsara's Dance is a lovely novel! I couldn't stop reading it till it was finished.... Then I began to read it again!" - Mauro

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