I offer coaching to my clients worldwide to start up their lives.

After we have received all the luxury and acknowledgement this world has to offer, we often feel empty. What really brings true joy in this life is understanding our true nature and then authentically serving others and life according to it. My favorite coaching revolves around this question: How can you find your best self that is timeless and a great source of love and joy to yourself and the world?

It is our birthright to be treated as royalty but nobody is given the character that reaps the real treasures that this world can offer. Join the Star Up Coaching process on finding and fine-tuning your inner light that will show you the fairytale in your everyday life.

I’ve read books on coaching and living our best lives for over 20 years and got clients even before I got officially trained because through reading the books and applying the information to my own life I was walking the talk of living my forever unfolding dream life. I also helped many of my friends to believe in themselves and to make their dreams come true, and thus they encouraged me to become a coach.

First I became a certified motivational coach in 2012 in Miami and finally openly shared I would offer coaching services. In 2014 I got further trained in with Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey in ”the Unlocking the Immunity to Change: A New Approach to Personal Improvement”, a course organized by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Cambridge, Massachusetts. That, in addition to being a certified yoga teacher and a Reiki healer, lead me from helping people to fulfill their outer dreams to encouraging people to look within and I wrote my first self-help book ”Lighten Up to Be Enlightened!”, which was published in 2015.

Now I love to help my clients to be the heroes in their own fairy tales by shining light on their character development so that they can enjoy the journey of life to the fullest. Naturally, I also offer practical tools for the protagonist to access and stay in the state of love so that the fairy tale also includes the fairy tale love their soul craves.

I have worked as a coach for ten years and have received a lot of heart-warming feedback. My strength as a coach is that I'm excellent at holding the intentions for my clients, which make their dreams come true or, to start with, help them realize what is missing from their lives in the first place and/or what are the stumbling blocks. Lovingly I help my clients to release the resistance and allow the desired change into their lives.

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”I hired Johanna Maria Davies as a Coach for getting new perspective and balance in my life. With Johanna's shining personal qualities and professional approach, process has been a great pleasure! She really respects her customers and she's ready to give them special attention, too. I see, her career will be in light of success.” - Mertsi Lanki, Founder at Best In Ukraine LLC